We are a tiny bunch of ‘happy and joyous’ folks who have come together to tantalize your taste buds with some great Pan-Asian food so when we tell you that our food is authentic to the core, you can believe it. The dishes on our menu are a heady concoction of cuisines giving you a feel of culture, passion, and superior flavours that will leave you in good mood. Eternally! 

Whether children or elderly, health conscious or otherwise, Holly Jolly will cater to people of all generations. Our motto is to provide all kinds of people with a sensory experience of handcrafted Pan-Asian delicacies, curated with love and joy, which is forever etched in their memory.

We will spoil you for choices

From Salads and Seafood to Sushi and Dim sum, our visitors will have a plethora of options to choose from. Our menu is straightforward and well laid out. Each preparation has its appeal and style to please patrons. We have taken extra care to handpick spices and ingredients to suit the local palate.

Taste, hygiene, and well-being in your meal

Our chefs hold unparalleled expertise in cooking Pan-Asian cuisine (and not only that) and have given a taste of their culinary craft to thousands. Staying true to the essence of the authentic style, we use only fresh ingredients and adopt grilling, steaming, stewing, and fermenting methods for cooking to retain both the flavour and nutritional value of food. Goes into this is a blend of aromatic spices and herbs that are known for enhancing taste aesthetics. We assure you of an unforgettable experience at Holly Jolly!

Our Story

Inexpensive and pocket-friendly

Holly Jolly is the latest entrance in the block to Pan-Asian eateries that will invariably offer the best Pan-Asian fare in Hyderabad. We strive to be known for our affordable and impeccable service. We are a cosy restaurant with a simple ambience and nice decor.

The Food

Our barbecue recipes have been passed down from one generation to another to keep the tradition & offer a quality steak dining experience. Reconnect with that foodie inside of you and feast on some sumptuous Pan-Asian dishes at Holly Jolly today. We bet you would want to explore our exquisite delicacies and visit us more than once.


We only use the highest quality of ingredients for all our recipes. Focus is always to serve and present a memorable dinner. With authenticity and quality guaranteed, you will be richly gratified by our service. We bet you would want to explore our exquisite delicacies and visit us more than once.
Holly jolly eats best pan asian restaurant in India
Our Chef

Convinced with our introduction enough? Then why wait for more?

If you are a Pan-Asian aficionado or willing to explore this cuisine, we simply ask you not to give Holly Jolly Eats a miss.