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5:00 – 11:00 PM Daily

Welcome to Holly Jolly Eats, your one-stop destination for exploring the gastronomic wonders of Hyderabad, India’s vibrant and culturally rich city. If you’re a food enthusiast seeking culinary delights that tickle your taste buds, you’re in for an unforgettable journey!

As you step into this cozy and inviting ambiance, you’re greeted with a warm smile and a menu that reads like a journey across Asia. From the rich and savory curries of Thailand to the delicate sushi rolls of Japan, and the spicy stir-fries of China to the soulful broths of Vietnam – this Pan Asian food haven has it all.

Holly Jolly Eats curates an extraordinary culinary voyage, celebrating the diverse gastronomic heritage of Asia. With a meticulous focus on authenticity and quality, this restaurant sources the finest ingredients to ensure each dish is a masterpiece.

“Good food and in turn good mood is what we serve. Ready to explore yet?! Our chefs hold unparalleled expertise in cooking Pan-Asian cuisine (and not only that) and have given a taste of their culinary craft to thousands. Staying true to the essence of the authentic style, we use only fresh ingredients and adopt grilling, steaming, stewing, and fermenting methods for cooking to retain both the flavour and nutritional value of food. Goes into this is a blend of aromatic spices and herbs that are known for enhancing taste aesthetics. We assure you of an unforgettable experience at Holly Jolly!”